Help Japan

Ganbare Japan!

Response to the March 11, 2011 Earthquake

I am organizing an outreach art program to help the people of Japan.  The artwork infused with our intentions will be sent back to Fukushima, Japan.  We want to support the people of Japan and enfold them and their environment, by sending them our heartfelt peace, love, harmony, and unity.  Also, letting the Japanese people know that we are always with them and that they are not forgotten, will help carry and uplift them.

If you email me a photo of your banner,

I will post it on the artwork page.


Dr. Chiyoshi Takano, MD

2-10 Ikenodai

Koriyama, Fukushima

963-8875 Japan

Please send American banners (ie. banners can contain American flags or other USA symbols) signed by you and your friends on them?  Banners don’t have to be too big, like the size of 120cm X 100cm ( approx. 4 ft x 3.25 ft), and it would be wonderful if you write “Ganbare Fukushima! or Ganbare Japan!” on them in big letters.  That will give us
power to overcome the adversity.  “Ganbare” translation: to hang in there, don’t give up, be firm and have courage to stand up, you can do it and we all support you.  Because of the radiation, Fukushima Prefecture has been isolated and the continuous fear of the problems of the plants has made people depressed.  Even U.S. forces didn’t come close to us since we are in the area of 50 miles radius of the nuclear plants, which are the areas the president of U.S.A. announced not to get in.  So we need your support mentally.  If people in Koriyama see foreign banners signed by foreign letters, they will be encouraged so much and get the power to stand up.

“Domo Arigato” (thank you very much)